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ETEREA post bong band – live concert
Nata da un errore di progetto, irrompe sul mercato una vettura ad alimentazione ibrida, ideale per sfondare gli spartitraffico tra i generi con melodie da ritiro patente. Tamburi in pelle, plettri in lega e tastiere a disco, grazie alle quattro teste motrici Eterea Postbong Band garantisce una forte tenuta su palco…continua
DJ SHOWNODESE Mind Funk + Doof Records, Exclusive for Netherlands
Dj Shawnodese is Gosse Beerda, who’s been a resident in Holland for most of his life, next to having lived in Germany and Venezuela. His DJ career started way back in the early 90’s (1992) and after kicking off with mainly acid-trance & techno, he seriously got infected by some traveling friends …continua
DJ CIXMU resident
COMA SECTOR Psichedelica / Industrial / Trance
Is a project born in November 2006 from the sound fusion between 2 Italian artists and friends, ANNXIA & VORTEk (PLASTIC CHOICE), during an illuminating holiday trip to Goa. The 2 artists have the same cultural background: cyberpunk, industrial music, psychedelia ….continua
LAB FREQUENCY Dub / Sperimentale / Elettronica
The Fluorobotanics are artists Lukas Kavik and Martina Giecková engaged in fluorescent painting, psychedelic (mind intensifying) backdrops and decoration for parties. The style of the painting went through certain changes and now the diction is fi nishing to be integrated.
INGRESSO 5 € – Riservato ai soci – L’intero ricavato dell’evento in beneficenza alle popolazioni colpite dal terremoto in Abruzzo.

 Mu Parma, PSYCHEDELIC HOMEGROWN MUSHROOMS Electronic Festival    Invia l'articolo in formato PDF